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    It was wonderful to finally catch up with you! I think we actually passed one another once or twice near the meeting rooms early in the afternoon. I’m sorry we weren’t there when you returned. We had a dinner reservation we had to dash to.

    I think it would be wonderful to have everyone back to meet next year. Hopefully more twitter and tea trade folks!


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    Well, I’m just livid!
    As if boasting about meeting up with VL Hamilton & AmazonV (who I have stated before , when I rule the galaxy, they’ll be in charge of the USA) and littlemewbrew etc wasn’t enough, I then get accused of being lahikmajoe!
    We are completely different. Ken ( lahikmajoe) is a philosophising, deranged, opinionated tea nutter living amongst the beer-swillers of Munich and I am a philosophising, deranged, opinionated tea nutter living amongst the beer-swillers of Adelaide. Admittedly there’s a Shutzenfest in both places but that’s no excuse.
    I have enough trouble being six twitter accounts without also being another blogger, even if it one of my favourites.


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    thedevotea and lahikmajoe no harm or disrespect intended. I will continue to follow you both 🙂


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    I still have my grave doubts, boy(s).
    @jopj – I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. It’s a pity it’s the finale but I suppose all good things must come to an end and so forth.
    Thanks for really fun reading,


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    I so enjoyed meeting you and Erica and the rest of the gang. I look forward to continued conversations and the next opportunity to meet.

    And would it be mean to tell @thedevotea that in addition to this lovely tea meetup described above that I also got to have dinner one night with @amazonv and @littlemewbrew and the next with Cynthia Gold who wrote “Culinary Tea”?


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    Katrina; Duly noted. See you in November 😉


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    It was fabulous to meet you in > 140 characters 🙂
    I was following along the twitter hunt from the LittleMewBrew side and it was the game of bad timing!

    I must say the flowering camellia sinensis looks fabulous, I do hope to see one in person some day.


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