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    Funny thing, chocolate and pu-erh actually go together really well. Numi puts out a chocolate pu-erh I approve of quite a bit.

    Great entry.


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    Jo, you have so many friends in the teaworld that a bunch of us are imagining we are this special friend invited to this tea. In my imaginary trip, I’d be sitting down with you, enjoying every sip and every bite. I don’t know about the friend you mentioned, but I’d happily fill her place.
    I love cheeses, and I’ve had some excellent cheese with chocolate. It might even have been a Wensleydale. Although I don’t think the one I bought had orange too. Anyway, it’s wonderful. I love good chocolate but then you know that. I love fruit. I like wafers. I love tea. I love your teaware and I love chatting with you.
    I’m ready to be included in your next imaginary get-together. Only this time I’d truly like it to be real.


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    Where do I sign to be in your next imaginary trip?

    I hope your friend is doing better.


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